Saturday, June 28, 2008

A day spent with friends.

A fun morning at the Maple Grove Community center and a park with Karla and Zachary.

Always longing for what you don't have or aren't doing......

2nd Season of T-ball

Lucas' love for T-ball continues to grow. He gets very excited every Monday night when he gets to go play. There are many days we have to talk about how many more days until T-ball.

They do sit still .....

Some night I look at the boys peacefully sleeping in their beds and wonder if they are the same boys I have been running after all day....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Weekend with Friends

Mom's wonderful long time friend from highschool (Kris) and family came visiting for the weekend. The main reason for their visit was a trip for the big boys and dads to the Excel Center to see Walking with the Dinasaurs but we managed to have much fun all weekend.

Here Krispy (lovingly refered to by Jack) is reading to my boys before bed.

Lucas making sure Owen feels welcome by showing him how to climb the tree.

Nothing says fun better than sun, friends and WATER!

A quick game a baseball before departure. Thanks for coming Hektners!

Computer Time

Lucas entertaining himself at

Jack following in his big brother's footsteps demanding to see/play Elmo on the computer.

Quality brother time while mom cleans up the breakfast dishes.