Saturday, August 27, 2011

At the lake with the Andersons

Another fun weekend at the lake. Time was spent tubing, playing cards, swimming, shooting off rockets, playing with fire and fireworks.

'Twas the week before school started....

Okay, so it was 3 weeks before school started but that title does not sound as good. Three summers ago Lucas was getting ready to start Kindergarten. He got to spend a day with Sam having lots of fun to celebrate this entrance into kindergarten. Well, this summer it was Jack's turn. Cousin Solly and Auntie Staci came down to help Jack celebrate this special time. Jack's fun was spent at Sky Zone jumping like a wild man on the trampolines, riding more rides than I can count at Nickelodeon Universe, making his way through a mirror maze and finally enjoying hours of fun at the Children's Museum. Look out Kindergarten comes Jack!!!!

Family Camp - Inspiration Point Bible Camp

Auntie Staci was headed to family camp and wanted Lucas to come along. I did not want to miss out on the fun so I said Jack and I would join them. We went to Inspiration Point Bible Camp in Fergus Falls where she and I had gone many years ago. It is amazing how much camp has changed. The boys had a blast and want to go back.
The one thing that had not changed was the dining room; but the thing about the dining room that had changed was a positive. When we went to camp each camper had to do KP duty once during camp. This weekend we did not have to clean one dish :-)
Any few minutes of free time that we had was spent in the game room playing ping pong or pool.

Every afternoon we had 4 hours of free time. Some time was spent in organized activities with the counselors and other time was spent swimming on our own.

Lucas had a blast mastering all levels of rock climbing.
One entire afternoon was spent fishing. Fake bait caught many Sun Fish and one small Northern.

Jack and I took many paddle boat rides. I think we rode every single boat there.