Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Boy Scout Camp Out

This was Jack's first camp out as an official cub scout. Every other camp out he has been there due to Lucas but this time he could actually say it was his camp out

Jack decided to fill his sock with sand and then walk around on it.  One only knows the creatively wonderful things that go thru his mind.

Lucas continues to improve his aim each time he shoots the BB guns.  This year he had 3 that almost hit the middle circle bulls eye.
Team work.  At times they had to remember which foot was left and which foot was right.

The only boy in his den to hit the target with 3 arrows.  Way to go Lucas.

The colors were amazing. 

Jack, a Tiger Scout, Lucas, a 1st year Webelo and their buddy Conlin.

Anderson Apple Orchard year 3

Another exciting year at the Anderson Apple Orchard. This year our Haralson decided to be the producer. We were pleasantly surprise with a great number of apples. The tree was not so excited as the apples pulled hard on the branches. Darin had to rig up a crutch for the heaviest branch.

Who ate this?

The bees also enjoyed the apples.  They made their home in a couple of them.

The proud pickers.
Our harvest.  I was able to make 2 pies and an apple crisp from our harvest this year.  As I type this the 2nd apple pie is baking in the oven.

First day of School

Lucas - 4th grade
Jack - 1st grade
First year to ride the bus together.

August Fun

We had another great vacation to the lake with the Andersons. So much fun that I forgot to take pictures. These 2 pictures show you what took place for 90% of the time.

Jack participated in a play camp at Chanhassen Dance Warehouse.  They did the play Willy Wonka.  Jack was the only boy Oompa Loompa.  He had a blast!  I think I can see theater in his future.

This year we brought dad to the State Fair.  We hope he had fun and wants to come back with us next year.

As always the favorite thing at the state fair is the giant slide.

4th of July at the lake

Here are a few pictures from our week at the lake. We were blessed with warm weather. Much fun was had on the new paddle boat, tubing, swimming, fishing and even some baseball. This was Brandy's first time to the lake and she enjoyed the freedom she had to run and play with no leash. She even ventured into the water. We did have the unfortunate situation of a nasty storm that blew winds of over 90 miles an hour. It was amazing to watch. I felt like we were watching hurricane coverage on the news. We were lucky in that all the trees that my parent's lost, none did any damage. It is sad to see what the lakes area looks like now. Hundreds of trees lost.