Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July fun!!!

Fun doing not only single front flips but double front flips.

Lucas' turn.

Fun riding the rides at the carnival.

Fun jumping off the diving board.

Fun tubing for hours on end. Even having fun with mom and dad!

Fun being goofy!

Fun riding bikes.

Fun rides with Uncle Scott.

Fun canoeing.

Lots of fun with wonderful weather at the lake this 4Th of July. We could not have asked for better weather and I don't think we could have handled too much more fun. Thanks grandma and grandpa for the week at the cabin. Already looking forward to next year.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baseball season comes to an end

This season Jack played in his first year of coach pitch baseball and Lucas played his last year of machine pitch.

Lucas enjoyed having his back pocket full of sunflower seeds but only one in his mouth at a time. You would find him out in the field putting one in his mouth at a time.

Jack very proud of his trophy. He knew exactly where he was going to put it as soon as he got it.

Jack's coach named him most improved hitter this year. I guess he had a pretty bad slice when he started but was able to even out his swing towards the end of the season.

This was the most common sight when Jack was in the outfield. Guess things just don't move fast enough for him so he had to entertain himself with the dirt.