Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day of School for both boys!!!

The crew at our bus stop. Yes, Jack did feel like he was starting school today too. Poor guy had to wait a whole week until his pre-school started.
Lining up....
Lucas and his bus #52.

Jack is excited to start cubbies this week. So excited that when I got home from registering him he wanted to put on his vest and asked me to go outside and take a picture of him.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Just a bit of proof to show you that we do occasionally work at the lake. Thanks for taking a picture to help us prove this mom!
Every year you get to look at the same type of pictures from the weekend....boys in the water. This year we thought we would show you how they try to entertain themselves out of the water.

Auntie Kelly brought her cousin to the lake. The boys had a blast with her.

Off to the State Fair again

Hey hey the gangs all here. My wonderful friend Heidi motivates me every year to get the boys to the fair. She is kind enough to be our guide and helper. This year we also met up with Diane and 4 of her nieces and nephews and Karla and Zachary. We had a blast as always. The highlight this year was the sky ride we took at the end of our day. Looking down at the fair was much fun for the boys. We will have to see what we can add next year (maybe dad).

This year the boys made books on a stick.

Lucas' smeller did not like the barns.

Mom even got to ride the firetruck ride. Thanks Jack for being short!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun with the cousins

The things big boys (Lucas and Ethan) can do with little boy toys.
Jack and Lexi
Jack and Payton
Waiting for the parade or should I say waiting for the candy!

Jack and Zach at the Children's Museum

Jack and Shana took their friends Karla and Zach to the children's museum. Much fun was had by all!

A true artist at work!

Jack is willing to try anything on and loves to dress up!
Not sure rock star is in his future!

Showing Zach the ropes!