Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jack and the Lemon Lynx

After watching Lucas for 3 years Jack finally gets his chance to play soccer.

We Did It!

Here we are with 5200 other runners waiting to start the Friday Night Fargo 5K uffda!

Finally crossing the start line. Ready or not here we start.

Yes, that is us coming across the finish line. I told the hubby (our wonderful camera man) we would be the blurs running by. Boy was I right.

Staci.....WE DID IT!!!!!! Thanks for the encouragement and motivation. We finished our first 5K under our goal time.

Now the big question....did we enjoy it enough to do it again???? Time will tell!

Jack and Amelia visit the Children's Museum

Ever since Lucas and Anika went to the Children's museum while Jack stayed back with Amelia, the younger ones were plotting to get their turn to go while the olders had to stay home. This was their chance. We went and spent 5 fun filled hours at the Children's Museum. Amelia is already talking about going back.

Pretending to sleep in the dinosaur's nest.

All trips to the Children's Museum warrants a stop at Ronald's bench for a picture!

End of the Sparks year for Lucas

Here Lucas is getting his ribbon for finishing his memory book twice!

Lucas is receiving his pin for participating in the Spark-o-Rama competition.
The kids from the afternoon program that were part of the Spark-o-Rama team.