Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trimming the Christmas Tree

It was a family affair this year. The grandpa's helped Jack and Lucas unwrap the tree.

Grandma DeAnn put on the lights.

Dad helped the boys put up the star.
The proud decorators and their tree. Can't get away with at least one funny face pose.

The little guy turns 5!!!!!

Yes my friends, this IS a store bought cake. You can get up off the floor for those of you who fell over. This was a very agonizing decision for me. With Jack's birthday the week after Thanksgiving, time is not always on my side. When we got back from ND and I saw all that was on my calendar for the week I just did not know when I would find time to make a cake. I made the decision to buy a cake and then called Darin to get confirmation that I was not a bad parent. Jack was very excited to go to the store and pick out his cake. I on the other hand was so worried that he was going to feel slighted that I did not make his cake like I had for his brother's 5th birthday (trying to be the most fair mom you know). When he saw the actual real live cake he was more than excited. Now I just have to worry that Lucas is going to feel slighted that he had to do with a mom made cake instead of a cool store bought cake. When do we quit worrying about how bad we are scarring our children????

One hour of running and jumping with his friends. What a great party.

The crew hanging out in the foam pit all played out!!!

Jack playing embarrassed when everyone was singing to him.
The only slow thing he did all day....blow out the candles one by one.

Had a hard time getting good pictures at the family party because Jack was his normal self and was going 90 miles an hour. Hard to catch that on film.

Lucas was a great big brother reading all the cards to Jack and thanking all the right people at the right time for Jack's gift.

Jack playing shy again. We could hardly get him to blow out his candles. Go figure!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Give Thanks

Giving thanks North Dakota style at Aunt Staci's house out on the farm. She put on a great spread. Just like most other homes....there is a kid table and an adult table. Darin and Shana had the 'privilege' of sitting at the kid's table. Thanks for the great spread Staci. We will be back.

Doing what they can to keep the wind away.

The boys love to help grandma decorate her Christmas trees. Wonder if she redecorates after they leave like she did to us after we went to bed????

Jackets protect from cold and claws!

Uncle Scott helping the boys experience the fun we used to have in the winter out at the farm.

In vogue --- strike a pose Jack