Saturday, March 20, 2010

School Field Trip - Underwater World

I had the privilege of chaperoning the Bluff Creek 1st grader's field trip to Underwater World at Mall of America. Everyone had lots of fun. Here we are 'patiently' waiting for the activities to begin.

Lucas' teacher Mrs. Bulat and some of his classmates.

Another way the girls passed the time.

We spent about 45 minutes learning about coral and the animals and how everything works together in the ocean.

WOW! Time to touch and feel....

A great time was had by all and we did not even lose one student! I call that successful.

Children's Museum Field Trip

Ever since Lucas started 1st grade there are days he is sad because he hears about what Jack gets to do when he has to go to school. Lucas forgets all the fun things that he and mom used to do before Jack arrived. This past Friday Lucas had the day off of school but Jack still had preschool so I decided to find a friend to watch Jack in the morning and I took Lucas and Amelia to the Children's Museum. This was the smile on Lucas' face when he got there!

The highlight of the trip was the new exhibit - dinosaurs!