Monday, April 7, 2014

Arrow of Light

Lucas finished his 5 year career in cub scouts by earning the arrow of light.

Basketball, basketball and MORE basketball

Jack had a great season of basketball. He played 3 on 3 and they do not keep least officially. The boys like to try keep score unofficially.

Lucas had a fun season of travel basketball.  He played in 12 tournament including state.  The team had ended the season with a record of 32-9 and a 2nd place at state. 

Jack joins his brother on the slopes

Jack has spent the last couple of winters learning to snowboard in the yard with Lucas as his teacher. This is the first year he hits the slopes. After 1 lesson he was riding up the chairlift and coming down the big hills.

When Jack is not on the slopes he is busy rolling around in the snow with Brandy and the neighbors' dogs, Rosie and Riley.  He is a true dog lover.

December happenings

December was full of fun times. As you can tell from my infrequent postings we are busy but having fun.

  Jack turned 8 at the beginning of December. He had a mad scientist party complete with create your own sundaes and concoct your own beverages.

In school Lucas' 5th grade class put on a wax museum.  It was the finale to their explorers writing project. Lucas was Bartholomew Dias.

5th grade also means band.  Lucas chose to play the baritone.  He is having a lot of fun but not enjoying the carting of the HUGE case back and forth to school.  They had their first concert in December. 
Jack's birthday weekend always ends up being one of the busiest in December.  This year we had a basketball tournament for Lucas, Jack had a basketball game, both sets of grandparents were able to come help Jack celebrate his big day, we picked up our Christmas tree and saw Santa.