Monday, August 25, 2008

Minnesota State Fair

This was Lucas' 2nd time to the State Fair and Jack's first trip. Thanks to Ms. Suzanne and Ms. Heidi, mom was able to take both boys. A 3 to 2 ratio was just what was needed for the day.

Lucas' is always asking to buy a motorcycle. Hopefully this will fulfill that desire for awhile.

We tried to get Jack to take a picture with Smokey but he clung to mom so tight that I was unable to pry him off to get into the picture. Guess he was a bit frightened.

Both years at the fair Lucas said that the big slide was his favorite. I would have to say Jack enjoyed it just as much as Lucas.

So we started with a corn dog.....

Then we added some cotton candy...
And a milkshake...
And ended up with 2 very full bellied tired boys. What a great day at the fair!

Vacation at the Lake with the Andersons

Last Days of Summer Fun

Staci came down to the cities so that we could take the older boys out for a day of fun before they started school. (Thanks grandma DeAnn for watching the younger boys). First we headed to the Children's Museum.
Lucas could not decide if he was an Indian or a Ninja Warrior.

Then we headed to Underwater World.

We found out that stingrays are soft and sharks are rough.
We finished the day at Nickelodeon Park. The boys still had enough energy left to ride the rides for over 3 hours. I think they wore us moms out.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Minnetonka Regional Park

It is good to get to the beach early to get the best spot.

Snacks go hand and hand with the beach. It is amazing how when the feet hit the sand the stomach immediately thinks it needs a snack!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trip to North Dakota

We got to celebrate Nana's birthday when we were home. Happy Birthday Nana!

Is this how this works?

Jack likes to take every opportunity he has to hold cousin Solly. Solly is a good sport most of the time.
Auntie Staci was kind enough to make home made ice cream. The boys could not even wait for it to get in the bowl. Thanks Auntie Staci!

It is always an adventure to be at the farm with Grandpa Mark. He is always busy making something new from old.

The boys are doing their best to sneak up on the cows so they don't scare them away. Do you think it worked???

Another fun time playing with Ben and Owen. This time at their home in their pool. Thanks for the fun guys!