Sunday, April 18, 2010


This was Lucas' first year of participating in the city wide sparks-a-rama competition. He spent 4 Sundays practicing for the big event. Here is the team getting prepped by one of his coaches.

There were 9 teams from around the twin cities areas that participated.

Balloon Battle - the goal was to keep the balloons from touching down in your triangle.

Sparky Safari - 3 kids ran a relay with a bean bag on top of their head.

Sparky Crawl - Each sparky crawls across the gym as quickly as possible. First team completely across the gym is the winner.

Sparky Balloon Pop - Balloon is passed between the players legs. The last player has to sit on the balloon and pop it.

Sparky Train - Hold on and run as fast as you can. The train can't break. Sorry for the blurry picture. The amateur camera holder does not take action photos well. Plus they were going way to fast for a good picture.

Lucas was the caboose so he got to pick up the pin which shows which team wins. The other two were fighting over the beanbag which shows which team comes in 2nd place.

Lucas showing his excitement over winning!

The proud 1st place team!!! Grace Church Eden Prairie.

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