Tuesday, May 10, 2011

8 is Great

Lucas turned 8 on April 27th. We decided to do a Mad Scientist party. After going thru the whole cake issue with Jack in December I was very okay asking Lucas if he wanted to go to the store and order a cake or if he wanted me to make one. He immediately said I want you to make one with chocolate frosting and a mad scientist on the top. So, the picture on the cake is supposed to look like a mad scientist. The most wonderful thing that Lucas said to me as I was working hard/stressing over the details of the cake was "I bet no one else has the awesomest mom". It was all worth it to hear those words.

Crazy Colin came to entertain and educate the boys with fun science experiments.

The grand finale was the Diet Coke geyser. Lucas got to drop the mentos into the bottle and run. By the look on the boy's faces as they watched the soda soar into the sky....I think they were impressed.

We were also blessed to have family around to help Lucas celebrate his birthday. He was one lucky guy this year.

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