Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family Camp - Inspiration Point Bible Camp

Auntie Staci was headed to family camp and wanted Lucas to come along. I did not want to miss out on the fun so I said Jack and I would join them. We went to Inspiration Point Bible Camp in Fergus Falls where she and I had gone many years ago. It is amazing how much camp has changed. The boys had a blast and want to go back.
The one thing that had not changed was the dining room; but the thing about the dining room that had changed was a positive. When we went to camp each camper had to do KP duty once during camp. This weekend we did not have to clean one dish :-)
Any few minutes of free time that we had was spent in the game room playing ping pong or pool.

Every afternoon we had 4 hours of free time. Some time was spent in organized activities with the counselors and other time was spent swimming on our own.

Lucas had a blast mastering all levels of rock climbing.
One entire afternoon was spent fishing. Fake bait caught many Sun Fish and one small Northern.

Jack and I took many paddle boat rides. I think we rode every single boat there.

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