Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2012

Our Christmas in 3 parts. We always celebrate just the 4 of us prior to heading out to one of the grandparents. This year they boys got to open one of their presents early. Boy were they surprised. All day they kept saying..."pinch me so that I know I am not dreaming".
The newest member of our family. Brandy. She is well loved!
Before opening gifts we always finish lighting our advent candles and Jacob's candle.
This year was the first year the boy's have left a note for Santa. Days before Christmas Jack made this little 'thing' to hold the cookies and carrots.
Opening the stocking stuffers.
Christmas Part 2 was at Grandma DeAnn and Grandpa Mark's farm.
For all our far away relatives I wanted to post this picture of Nana/Grandma/Elaine. She is doing amazing and the boys LOVE spending time with her. I think the love is mutual; however, I think they wear her out.
Brandy even got to enjoy Christmas at the farm. She was a trooper. After only being with us for 4 days she made the 5 hour trek to ND.
Cousins Sam and Solomon got a go kart for Christmas. ALL boys had a blast driving it. Here Lucas is seeing how much dirt he can spin up with the back tires.
Jack could not be happier to be behind the wheel. Look out road here comes Jack!
Christmas Day was spent at Uncle Scott and Aunt Kelly's new house. They had this great pond in their backyard. We got a chance to play broomball or is it rake ball?! Not sure as we used whatever we could find!
Christmas Part 3 was celebrated New Year's weekend at Grandma Delores and Grandpa Roger's house. All the kids got to do a special part making Jesus' birthday cake.
Brandy even got a gift.

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