Thursday, April 2, 2009

3 boys...a box...and some tape

Equals hours of entertainment!

So much so that it went over to day 2!


Tim said...

I see your kids love boxes too! I guess they all do.

We have had this box that our toilet came in around here for a long time. Ben and Grace climb in it together. We put it away then it comes out once in a while and it's the favorite toy for a few days. Toward the end of the days it no longer is "just a box" or a "hide out" it becomes a caboose or train engine, or boat along with all kids of other laundry baskets,chairs and other junk that gets piled around it. If we don't stop it in time every stuffed animal in the house gets in on the fun too!

meg said...

love the title of this post.
hilarious. yeah, even little Maeva has learned about boxes and if she could talk, she would always request that we keep all boxes for her.