Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One fish, Two fish

Well, after a bit of deliberation and a couple conversations with the experts at swimming lessons we decided to plunge forward and sign up for a 2nd session of lessons in hopes of getting Jack over the hump. The car ride to our first lesson was not looking promising. We did not get Mr Matt for a teacher this session and Jack was not happy. He said he did not like Miss Ashley...she is not fun...she is not nice. I was NOT looking forward to this lesson. When we got to the pool Jack promptly grabbed my neck and cried. I pried him loose and handed him to his teacher. He continued to cry and she continued to teach. It was not a very pleasant sight. She then got Lucas into the water and had him swim with Jack and that is all it took. Jack now LOVES to go to lessons and he LOVES Miss Ashley. YEA!!!!!

Lucas continues to swim like a fish. He is so fun to watch.

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