Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas with a few of the Hulsts

Not sure what it is about ND, Christmas and snow but they all come together and not always that nice. Last year we were in ND for Christmas and we got 24 inches of snow. The interstates opened right before we came back home. This year we were in ND for New Year's weekend and we had a blizzard for 3 days that dropped 15 inches in Fargo and closed roads for days. Again...the interstates opened right before we came back home. So...the question is what do you do in ND to occupy your time when the winds are a blowing and the snow is a falling.....


racing monster trucks in the living room

playing uno and monopoly

making a mess/building with moonsand

creating circuits

racing nano bugs

or just admitting we are bored!

We did find time to open presents. Due to the nasty weather and Uncle Darrin being under the weather we were sad to not be able to spend any time with Staci and her family. Every day the boys got up hoping that would be the day Sam and Solly would be coming. Scott and Kelly braved the weather NYE to stop by a few minutes. Thanks Scott for coming even though you were really sick. We are thankful to Nana and Aunt Rita for being brave enough to fight the cold and snow so that we could spend a few hours with them on New Years Day.

This shirt says it all!!!!!

My little helper working to dig out the van for the 2nd year in a row.

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Sara said...

Hey, glad to see my gift of Moon Sand came in handy!! Hope it didn't make too much of a mess!