Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Family Christmas

Every year we are either headed to North Dakota or Marshall for Christmas. We always make sure to take the night before we leave and have our own Christmas. We always start the evening by lighting the last advent candle.

This year we were lucky enough to be home on the 23rd so we were also able to light our Jacob memorial candle too. Lucas did a great job reading the verses Darin picked to remember Jacob.

Jack trying to decide what the gift is....

Always excited to open gifts.

The boys LOVED the soft blankets they got.

Yes, if anyone is feeling like their house is a little too quiet please feel free to stop by and join the band. I was hoping that by putting the drums in the basement we would be safe upstairs in our bedroom. We found out the following morning that is not the case.

The morning we leave Santa has always made a stop at our house. This particular year I was up earlier than the boys getting some stuff done downstairs. I ran upstairs when I head someone in the bathroom. As I hopped back into bed Jack hollers at me from his bathroom. He says "Mom, I was going potty and I heard you come back upstairs. Are you in love with Santa?". Gotta love kids.

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